About Me

My name is Katie, and I’m an aspiring YA author who writes and dreams stories. I’m an English major in college, so when school’s in session, you’ll likely find me trapped in some dank hovel blogging and/or writing my next YA series when I’m supposed to be doing homework.

I think it’s important to live authentically and bravely, two ideals that are hard for most people, including me, to live out. I love documenting the nuances of writing and sharing what I’ve learned—and what I am learning—to help fellow wordsmiths and booknerds. I’m not a professional, really. I’m just a flawed college student living the best life I can in a world that is both beautiful and broken.

I’m a loyal participant of NaNoWriMo and an active writer on Wattpad. Several of my works, such as my YA fantasy Seize the Day, can be found on Wattpad at Katie Spektor.

If you have a business inquiry or questions/concerns about my blog, email me here.

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